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Charles Dodgson - Charles Dodgson / Lewis Carroll Autograph Letter Signed to Sir James Paget

Autograph Letter Signed to the great British surgeon, Sir James Paget. A fine 1-page letter, dated April 11, 1890. Page is somewhat toned, but the text is fully visible and...

Queen Victoria - Signature on Card with Windsor Crest

Mounted Autograph “Leopold” boldly written in fountain pen, above which is affixed the crown crest of Windsor Castle. Signature approximately 2″ x 1½”. PRINCE LEOPOLD, Duke of Albany (1853-1884), was...

Charles Dodgson - Alice’s Adventures Under Ground Facsimile Edition

We have here what is, for us, somewhat of a mystery in the long annals of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland, and in particular its original...

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