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Alan Shepard

Alan Shepard Signed Aviation Hall of Fame Program - 1977

Official Program for the 1977 Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremonies, signed by many of the most honored individuals in the history of space and aviation, including Alan Shepard, the fifth man to step foot on the moon, and Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to travel faster than the speed of sound. In superb condition, well cared for by its original owner who obtained all autographs in-person; with impeccable letter of provenance.

Chuck Yeager (1923-) Test pilot, Major General US Air Force, first pilot to travel faster than sound
George W. Goddard (1889-1987) Brigadier General USAF, Inventor Aerial & Space Photography Systems
James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle (1896-1993) Aviation pioneer, WWII Medal of Honor hero, General US Air Force
James S. McDonnell (1899-1980) Aviation pioneer, founder of McDonnell Aircraft Corp, later McDonnell Douglas
Alan Shepard (1923-1998) Astronaut, first American in space, Commander Apollo 14 mission, first man to walk on the moon
Louise Shepard (Wife of Alan Shepard)
Olive Ann Beech (1904-1993)  Aviation pioneer and co-founder of Beech Aircraft Company
Cyrus R. Smith (1899-1990) CEO of American Airlines, 1934-1968 & 1973-1974
Will Rogers, Jr. (1911-1993) Son of humorist Will Rogers, Sr.; Congressman, newspaperman, actor, writer
Don R. Berlin – President, Piasecki Helicopter 1953
Leigh Wade (1897-1991) Major General, US Air Force
John R. Alison (1912-) WWII air combat ace, Vice President of Northrop Corp 1984
John P. Henebry (1918-2007) WWII combat pilot, Distinguished Service Cross
Jimmy Stewart (1908-1997) Actor, former Brigadier General US Air Force Reserve
Phil Donahue (1935-) Media personality, writer, producer, talk show host

The Aviation Hall of Fame was founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1962 and chartered by the US Congress in 1964, to honor aviation’s outstanding pioneers for their contributions to aviation and the nation, to perpetuate their memory, and to record for posterity the excellence of their achievements. Where some aviation-oriented organizations emphasize aircraft events or technology, the NAHF focuses strictly on people…on the unique blend of ambition, innovation, and inspiration that gave wings to mankind’s pursuit of flight.

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