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Thomas Edison

ALS to Buchanan Regarding Phonograph - 1923

One page handwritten letter from Thomas Edison to Jaffrey P. Buchanan, manager of Edison Records Disc Division, regarding the early stages of the invention of the phonograph dated in 1923. Edison writes in full:

“Buchanan, I now have a man in Chemical lab who can make a series of chemical tests such as strength of alcohol, water in wood flow rosin gum solution. Let me know what you want & arrange to send samples daily & we will go ahead- E.”

¬†Edison simply signs “E” to Buchanan. The two men wrote daily regarding the progress of this invention, regarded by many as Edison’s second most important invention ever.

THOMAS ALVA EDISON (1847-1931) was an American inventor and businessman who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. Dubbed “The Wizard of Menlo Park” by a newspaper reporter, he was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large teamwork to the process of invention, and therefore is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory.

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