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Henry Luther Stoddard

Autograph Inscription - 1946

Autograph Inscription on a page removed from his 1946 book Horace Greeley, to prominent radio interviewer Mary Margaret McBride, dated October 31, 1946; in full:

To Mary Margaret McBride,

The girl who came to New York City alone, as Greeley did, and made a career, as Greeley did, her own ability, industry, and sincerity. No one knows how those qualities triumphed, and why they triumphed, better than her first employer and always friend.

/s/ Henry L. Stoddard
October 31, 1946

(Biography cannot be found). Henry Luther Stoddard was a newspaperman and author of at least three books: As I Knew Them (1927), It Costs To Be President (1938), and Horace Greeley (1946), his definitive biography of the great publisher, editor and crusader.


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