Richard Henry Dana Jr.

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Richard Henry Dana Jr.

Autograph Letter Signed - 1868

Autograph Letter Signed, 2.5 pages on two sheets, Boston, dated October 26, 1868, in full:

My dear Hawley,  [then Governor of Connecticut I.R. Hawley]

You have done a noble service to me and to our cause.

Nobody but great men speak with so much authority as you have in this campaign.

Your heroic fashion of doing things so contrasts with the simplicity of most of our respectable politicians that it refreshes one’s soul.

Kilpatrick’s letter & action will also nationalize our cause.

Again my thanks, &
Yours ever,
R.H. Dana, Jr.

Includes photo of Dana in old age, as shown.

RICHARD HENRY DANA JR. (1815-1882) was an American lawyer and politician, and author of the book Two Years Before the Mast. Dana was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on August 1, 1815, into a family that first settled in colonial America in 1640, counting Anne Bradstreet among their ancestors. As a boy, Dana studied in Cambridgeport under a strict schoolmaster named Samuel Barrett, alongside fellow Cambridge native and future writer James Russell Lowell. Barrett was infamous as a disciplinarian, punishing his students for any infraction by flogging. He also often pulled students by their ears and, on one such occasion, nearly pulled Dana’s ear off, causing his father to protest enough that the practice was abolished.

In 1825, Dana enrolled in a private school overseen by Ralph Waldo Emerson, whom Dana later mildly praised as “a very pleasant instructor”, though he lacked a “system or discipline enough to insure regular and vigorous study.” In July 1831, Dana began his studies at Harvard College, though he was suspended for six months before the end of his first year for supporting a student protest. In his junior year, he had a case of measles which also caused ophthalmia and his weakening vision inspired him to take a sea voyage.

Rather than going on a Grand Tour of Europe, he decided to enlist as a common sailor, despite his high-class birth. He left Boston on the brig Pilgrim on August 14, 1834, on a voyage around Cape Horn to the then-remote California, at that time still a part of Mexico. On the 180-ton, 86.5 feet-long Pilgrim, Dana visited a number of settlements in California (including Monterey, San Pedro, San Juan Capistrano, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa Clara), and San Francisco. He returned to Massachusetts aboard the ship Alert on September 22, 1836, after two years away from home.

He kept a diary, and after the trip wrote Two Years Before the Mast based on his experiences. The term “before the mast” refers to sailor’s quarters — in the forecastle, in the bow of the ship, the officers dwelling near the stern. His writing evidences his later social feeling for the oppressed. After witnessing a flogging on board the Pilgrim, he vowed that he would try to help improve the lot of the common seaman.

After his sea voyage, he returned to Harvard to take up study at its law school, completing his education in 1837. He subsequently became a lawyer, and an expert on maritime law, many times defending common seamen, and wrote The Seaman’s Friend, which became a standard reference text on the legal rights and responsibilities of sailors.

The point and city of Dana Point, California, located on the Pacific coast about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, are named for him, and a reproduction of the brigantine Pilgrim was sailed around Cape Horn and permanently placed on display there for the Orange County Ocean Institute.


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