Johnny Carson

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Johnny Carson

Autograph Manuscript Signed - c1980

A remarkable list of proposed chapter headings handwritten by Truman Capote for his friend, Joanne Carson (ex-wife of former Tonight Show host Johnny Carson), who had planned to write her memoir, for which Capote had offered as its title “Carson, Capote and Co.” In blue fountain pen ink on 8.5″ x 11″ lined composition paper.

Though Carson’s book was never finished and thus remains unpublished, she had at least written the first 38-page chapter, titled “Johnny,” which Capote had edited rather heavily for her, and which was subsequently offered for auction in 2006 by Bonhams (see attached image), for which they gave an estimated value of up to $15,000.

In full:

Carson, Capote and Co. by Joanne Carson

1.   Johnny
2.   Sunday Best to the Convent
3.   “Mr. Howard” aka Howard Hughes
4.   Three Generations of Carsons
5.   Portrait of the Masked: Truman Capote
6.   “Joanne, Your Father’s Dead”
7.   “That’s All She Wrote”
8.   The Fight Back / The Glittering Ghetto
9.   The Search for the “Magic Pill”
10. The Last Trip

and Co.
By Joanne Carson

Alan, Arnold, Gary Clark and
Joe Fox will help you put
it together. Have Bill Wilson
edit the rest of the chapters.


With provenance from the Estate of Joanne Carson.