Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Oliver Wendell Holmes

Autograph Note Signed - 1863

Autographed Note Signed, two lines of text and signature on 8vo sheet, no date.

“Please find 3.00 enclosed [not present] and return receipt.
O. W. Holmes”

Browned and worn. On the verso the recipient (?) has penned “O. W. Holmes, Boston, March 1863.” With steel engraving of Holmes published by D. Appleton from a painting by Sarah W. Whitman. Engraving bears a facsimile signature of Holmes.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, Sr. (1809-1894). American man of letters, poet, biographer, novelist. Wrote “Old Ironsides,” “The Chambered Nautilus,” “The Last Leaf,” etc.


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