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Veronica Lake

Autograph on Album Page - c1953

This highly desirable autograph of Humphrey Bogart was obtained in person by none other than Stanley Berman (1927-1968), a Brooklyn cab driver, actor and widely-known in New York City as the “World’s Greatest Gate-Crasher“. No occasion was too exclusive, no dignitary too aloof for Berman, who posed as a waiter to demand Queen Elizabeth ll’s autograph during her 1957 visit, crashed JFK’s Inaugural Ball in 1961, and had his finest moment in 1962 when he charged onstage to hand Bob Hope an Oscar in front of 100 million TV watchers:

Comedian BOB HOPE hosts the Oscars from the Santa Monica Civic Center. As the cinematography award is about to be announced, a strange man suddenly rushes the podium and grabs the mike. Calling himself Stan Berman, he declares: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m the world’s greatest gatecrasher and I just came here to present Bob Hope with his 1938 trophy.” Handing a miniature statuette to actress Shelley Winters, he says “This is for Bob” and splits. Hope later quips, “Who needs Price Waterhouse? All we need is a doorman.”

In addition, Berman used his people skills to get close to the likes of Harry S. Truman, prominent governors, and international politicians as well. From the estate of Stanley Berman.

HUMPHREY BOGART (1899-1957). American film actor and star of the immensely popular films The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of Sierra Madre, and The African Queen, to name a few. Bold sentiment and signature on a small album sheet, in full: “To Stanley, Humphrey Bogart’. Hastily penned, fine condition. Signed on verso by actress Marguerite Chapman, who among other roles played the secretary in Marilyn Monroe‘s The Seven Year Itch.


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