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Beatrice Lillie

Autograph Sentiment

Autograph sentiment signed, “Very truly yours / Fred C Yohn” in black ink on beige card. Accompanied by a print of an engraving depicting Ethan Allen being held captive before Captain Prescott in Montreal, 1775 (taken from a book), suitable for framing.

Frederick Coffay Yohn (1875-1933), often recognized only by his initials, F. C. Yohn, was an artist and illustrator. His work appeared in publications including Scribner’s Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, and Collier’s Weekly. Books he illustrated included Jack London’s A Daughter of the Snows and Henry Cabot Lodge’s Story of the American Revolution.

Frederick C. Yohn - Burgoyne's Surrender

The event shown in this painting is the surrender of British General John Burgoyne at Saratoga, New York on October 17, 1777. Burgoyne’s surrender followed battles with American General Horatio Gates near Saratoga on September 19 and October 7, 1777.


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