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Queen Victoria

Bold Signature Framed - 1870

VICTORIA (Alexandrina Victoria, 1819-1901) was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from June 20, 1837, and the first Empress of India from May 1, 1876, until her death on January 22, 1901. Her reign as Queen lasted 63 years and seven months, longer than that of any previous British monarch, surpassed only by Queen Elizabeth II in 2015. The period of history and society centered on her reign is known as the Victorian era.

Victoria was the granddaughter of Britain’s King George III, and the niece of King William IV who was her predecessor and was a descendant of most major European royal houses. Victoria arranged marriages for her nine children and forty two grandchildren across the continent, tying Europe together and earning her the nickname “the grandmother of Europe.”

This regal presentation is fit for a queen. Measuring 16″ x 19″, Her Majesty’s official portrait is mounted on an acid-free black beveled riser. Her large, bold signature stands alone, floridly penned in brown ink. As this autograph does show its age at well over 100 years old, it does so gracefully. There is minor foxing and staining, not so much detracting from the autograph as enhancing it.

A black anodized plate is inscribed with the Queen’s titles and years. All displayed elements are surrounded by Italian hand-marbled paper in a purple, cocoa, scarlet, and cream peacock motif. A rich, royal purple velvet fabric lines the top mat, and it all comes together in a beautifully gilded wooden frame, with all mounting hardware included.


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