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Benito Mussolini

Double Signed Document with King Victor Emanuele III - 1931

Manuscript Document granting Italian Citizenship Signed by Benito Mussolini as Prime Minister and King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy. One page, penned in Italian on recto and verso, 14″ x 9.5″, at San Rossore, the King’s Tuscan residence, on November 5, 1931. Blue ink hand stamps on recto. Large bold signatures on verso. Very fine condition, with official stamps and ink smears on recto.

Translated from Italian, in full:

Vittorio Emanuele III
By the Grace of God and the Will of the Nation
The King of Italy

In view of the application for attaining Italian citizenship made by Mr Cesare Guglielmo Antonio Iones born in Trieste on 16 Feb 1908 by Alberto and Maria Sciuka, English citizen, resident in Trieste;
In view of Article No.2 of Law 13 June 1912, No. 555;
In view of the favorable opinion expressed by the Council of State, Section One, in the meeting of 20 October 1931, referring to the considerations contained in this decree;
On the proposal of the Head of Government, Prime Minister, Secretary of State, and Secretary of State for Interior Affairs.
We have decreed and do decree:
In the above Mr. Cesare Guglielmo Antonio Iones is granted Italian citizenship, including the enjoyment of political rights, in compliance with the conditions and formalities laid down by Article 5 of the above Law and Articles 3 and the related Regulation approved by Royal Decree 2 August 1912, No. 949.
This concession is subject to the fee paid to the government established in Table A attached to the Royal Decree of December 20, 1923, No. 3279.
The Minister responsible for proposing and implementing this decree will be submitted to the Court of Auditors for the registration.
Given at San Rossore November 5, 1931 AD.


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