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General Mark W. Clark

General Mark Clark TLS from UN Command for CARE Relief - 1952

Typed letter signed on United Nations Command Headquarters letterhead, dated 17 October 1952, just five months after assuming leadership of the United Nations Command during the Korean War. Commanding Officer General Mark W. Clark writes to prominent donors expressing his deepest appreciation for their support of CARE Packages. Fine condition.

Includes the actual CARE delivery receipt for “FOOD.” CARE’s food aid took the form of CARE Packages, which were at first delivered to specific individuals: Americans paid $10 to send a CARE Package of food to a loved one in Europe, often a family member. CARE guaranteed delivery within four months to anyone in Europe, even if they had left their last known address, and returned a signed delivery receipt to the sender. Because European postal services were unreliable at the time these signed receipts were sometimes the first confirmation that the recipient had survived the war.

CARE Package

Although the organization’s mission had originally been focused on Europe, in July 1948 CARE opened its first non-European mission, in Japan. Deliveries to China and Korea followed, which CARE described as aid to areas “implicated by WWII.”

NOTE: The recipient of this particular CARE package appears to have been in Berlin, where CARE had focused most of its efforts following World War II. We assume the donor, Mrs. King, had many such receipts in her papers and either this one was paired with General Clark’s letter in error, or Clark was thanking donors for their European efforts as well.

Mark Wayne Clark (1896-1984) was an American general during World War II and the Korean War and was the youngest lieutenant general (three-star general) in the U.S. Army.