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J.H. Hatfield

J. H. Hatfield Scarce “Fortunate Son” First Edition - 2000

Scarce first edition hardcover of the controversial book Fortunate Son by J.H. Hatfield. As New condition, unread and unsigned, with publisher’s early promotional review material included.

Threatened with litigation by powerful forces defending President George W. Bush, this first edition hardcover book was withdrawn by the publisher after only a week of retail sales, and was later issued by a different publisher as a paperback. There was significant controversy over the author’s alleged felony criminal background, the book’s content, and unsubstantiated drug use and arrest allegations about President Bush while he was Texas Governor. Only 70,000 copies of the book were reportedly printed to begin with. To reduce its exposure to threats of libel and other potential litigation, the publisher reportedly destroyed those still in its possession and the thousands returned after the recall. Few are presumed to have survived-and this is one of those rare copies.

In one press article a representative of St. Martin’s Press is said to have referred to this book as “furnace fodder.” This book has already become one of the rarest works ever on a prominent political figure and successful presidential aspirant. While a flawed biography, the Hatfield work, especially in this form, is an important snapshot of negative campaigning and personal attacks at the end of the 20th century.