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Joe E. Brown

Joe E. Brown Signed Photo - 1944

Very nice 3″ x 6″ sepia photograph signed, dated 10/26/44. Mounted on black autograph album page.

JOSEPH EVANS BROWN (1892-1973) was an actor and comedian from Holgate, Ohio. In 1902 at the age of 10, he joined a troupe of circus tumblers known as the Five Marvellous Astons which toured the country on both the circus and vaudeville circuits. He gradually added comedy into his act and transformed himself into a comedian.In late 1928, he began making films. In 1929, he started making films for Warner Brothers. He quickly shot to stardom after appearing in the first all-color all-talking musical comedy On with the Show (1929). Warner Brothers quickly starred him in a number of lavish Technicolor musical comedies including: Sally (1929), Hold Everything (1930) and Song of the West (1930). By 1931, Joe E. Brown had become such a star that his name began to appear alone above the title of the movies in which he appeared. In 1933 and 1936, he managed to become one of the top ten earners in films. In 1937, he left Warner Brothers to work for David Loew. In 1938, he starred in The Gladiator, a loose film-adaptation of Philip Gordon Wylie’s 1930 novel Gladiator, which influenced the creation of Superman. He gradually switched to making “B” pictures. During World War II, he spent a great deal of time entertaining troops, spending many nights meeting personally with servicemen at the famous USO Hollywood Canteen.

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