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John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams Land Grant Signed as President - 1828

Partly printed United States Land Grant, signed “J. Q. Adams,” as President, one page on vellum, 9.5” x 15.75”, dated January 3, 1828. President Adams grants John Vannest 80 acres of land in Vermillion County, Indiana. Document is signed at the conclusion by Adams and countersigned by Commissioner of the General Land Office George (“G.”) W. Graham. The handwritten parts of this document have faded over the past 185+ years, but are all still legible including President Adams’ bold signature. Two vertical folds and some mild toning and wrinkling, otherwise fine condition. Seal missing, but adhesive stain visible.

The assignee in this case is the patriarch of a distinguished Indiana family, John Vannest, the first permanent white settler in Vermillion County, on land that lies along the Wabash River in Western Indiana. Vannest moved to Indiana from Virginia circa 1816, and secured tracts of government land on which the City of Clinton, Indiana now stands. Vannest devoted his life to farming and raising a family, and also established the first Methodist Society in Vermillion County, holding meetings every four weeks in his barn.

According to Vermillion County, Indiana, History and Family (Turner Publishing, 1989):

“Itinerant Methodist ministers in pioneer times were noted for their deep convictions, powerful preaching, and their energy and daring in threading the wild woods and prairies in search of the isolated settler for the purpose of preaching the gospel and organizing Methodist classes.”