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Letter to Cassius, her Lost Cat - 1974

Autograph Letter to Cassius, the beloved cat Elizabeth Taylor brought with her while her husband, Richard Burton, was filming a movie in northern California. Cassius had gone missing and this warm, poetic letter expresses the emotional bonds the legendary actress had with her cats, of which she had many. Taylor and Burton had rented a private home in Oroville, California, for nine weeks while Burton was filming The Klansman. The owner of the home discovered this letter, and a remarkable love letter to her husband—tucked in a drawer beneath the master bed long after the couple had left the home. In full:

Letter to my Long Lost Cat
    I see you, my beauty boy, in
the reflection of those shining
black-brown rocks ahead of me.
    I see the green o’ thy eyes in
every rained, sweated leaf
shaking in my eyes.
    I remember the sweet smell
of your fur against my neck
when I was deeply in trouble
and how, sonehow you made
it better—you knew! You knew
always when I hurt and you made
comfort for me, as I did once
for you when you were a
broken kitten.
    Anyway, I love you
Cassius—and thank you
for your beauty.
    Please come back!

Elizabeth Taylor with her cat