Cosimo de Medici III

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Cosimo de Medici III

Manuscript Signed to Giovanni Borghese - 1691

In the elegant, florid language favored by the nobility and those of royal birth, Cosimo de’ Medici III, Grand Duke of Tuscany in Florence, sent a New Year’s Eve 1692 letter of greetings and gratitude to His Excellency Giovanni Battista Borghese, 2nd Prince of Sulmona in Rome, who ruled from 1658-1717. In superb condition on vellum with a magnificent embossed and intact Medicean seal on the verso. Translated nearly in full [save for unintelligble devices]:

The esteem that I hold for the favors of ___ is always equal to their intrinsic value, which, deriving from the affection that produces them, cannot be greater. Such that, at this time I deem the hope of happiness wished upon me by ___ to have blessedly transpired. In celebration, reciprocated with equally cordial sentiments ___ for all that is good, and for your greater contentment; while expressing my most fervent thank you, I declare myself indebted to serve you in gratitude, in ending, kissing the hands of ___.

In Florence 31 December 1691

To His Illustrious Highness, His Excellency, Lord Prince Borghese

A spectacular example of cordial correspondence between two highly prominent nobles in 17th-century post-Renaissance Baroque era.