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Peter Lorre Signed Album Page - 1938

Pencil Signature on autograph album page, while Lorre was filming 1938’s I’ll Give A Million for Twentieth Century Fox. From the collection of another actor of the same period. Autograph sentiment can be nicely cropped for framing.

PETER LORRE (1904-1964), born László Löwenstein, was a Hungarian-Austrian-American actor frequently typecast as a sinister foreigner. He made an international sensation in 1931 with his portrayal of a serial killer who preys on little girls in the German film M. Later he became a popular featured player in Hollywood crime films and mysteries, notably alongside Humphrey Bogart and Sydney Greenstreet, and as the star of the successful Mr. Moto detective series.

In 1940, Lorre co-starred with fellow horror actors Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in the Kay Kyser movie You’ll Find Out. Lorre enjoyed considerable popularity as a featured player in Warner Bros. suspense and adventure films. Lorre played the role of Joel Cairo in The Maltese Falcon (1941) and portrayed the character Ugarte in the film classic Casablanca (1942). Lorre demonstrated a gift for comedy in the role of Dr. Einstein in Arsenic and Old Lace (filmed in 1941, released 1944). In 1946 he starred with Sydney Greenstreet and Geraldine Fitzgerald in Three Strangers, a suspense film about three people who are joint partners on a winning lottery ticket.

Peter Lorre was also known for his dry humor. In 1956, both Lorre and horror star Vincent Price attended (Dracula star) Bela Lugosi’s funeral. According to Price, Lorre asked him “Do you think we should drive a stake through his heart just in case?”

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