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Jasper Yeates

Revolutionary War Bill for Provisions - 1781

Historic Manuscript Document Signed “Christopher Rugart” dated December 3, 1781, during the Revolutionary War. A bill for Jasper Yeates for £2.7.0 for meat including mutton, beef, veal, port, and fat purchased that fall. A very interesting piece of ephemera from an important period in American history, related to a relevant participant in the affairs of the day. 1p, 5×4 in, [n.p.], irregular margins, light folds, else fine condition.

JASPER YEATES (1745-1817) was a noted Philadelphia jurist during the Revolutionary War. After receiving degrees from the College of Philadelphia, he was admitted to the Bar in 1765 and became a highly-respected and distinguished lawyer.  He was appointed chair of the Committee of Correspondence for Lancaster County in 1776 and fourteen years later sat in the convention that ratified the constitution of the United States. Yeates received a commission as associate justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 1791, a position he held until his death in 1817. In 1794 President Washington appointed him a commissioner to confer with the inhabitants of the western counties of Pennsylvania for settlement of the Whisky Rebellion.


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