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Bernie Taupin

Signed Book “The One Who Writes the Words” - 1976

Nearly impossible to find book, The One Who Writes the Words for Elton John. Signed and inscribed by both famed lyricist Bernie Taupin and illustrator/designer Alan Aldridge. Truly a rare, spectacular find—especially for fans of Elton John’s music. First American edition hardcover published in 1976 by Alfred Knopf. All interior pages in fine condition, clean and tight. Glossy cover has minor rubbing throughout, back cover same with light scratches in spots. No dust jacket as issued.

This volume is made even more valuable with the inclusion of the scarce Erratum insert attached to the verso of the title page, correcting the title of the song referred to as Goodbye Norma Jean to its original name: Candle in the Wind. Only the First Edition had this embarrassing gaffe which, of course, relates to the very song which went on to become Elton and Bernie’s most popular of all time, made even more poignant in 1997 at the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, when Elton altered the lyrics as a tribute to Diana in his live performance at her memorial service in Westminster Abbey.

Featuring the complete lyrics of all their work together from 1968’s When the First Tear Shows to 1973’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, this is a lavishly illustrated anthology with an introduction by Elton John, highlighting some of the tension that existed between the two men. Inscribed by Bernie Taupin on the title page: “To Gerry / Best wishes / to world’s greatest / phone conversationalist / Bernie Taupin / X.” Just beneath Taupin’s inscription, cover designer Alan Aldridge has sketched a cute illustration of a telephone, inscribing below it “For Gerry / Likewise / from / AR Aldridge.”