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Signed Photograph with Hard-to-Find Casino Royale Props - 2006

Though we primarily specialize in vintage memorabilia, from time to time something special comes along that we simply can’t pass up. Being diehard James Bond fans from childhood, our interest was piqued when we had an opportunity to acquire the most sought-after items from any popular film: actual props

in this case, a Casino Royale-branded black and red $100,000 poker chip and black-backed playing card (the Nine of Hearts)used in the famous tournament scene with Le Chiffre on the set of Daniel Craig’s breakout 007 film, Casino Royale. A numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity with registration hologram is included, along with a stunning color photograph of the strapping Daniel Craig emerging from the sea, signed by him at the Dorchester Hotel in London on September 28, 2006 (COA included for this as well). The ensemble has been professionally framed in a movie-set motif.

Cartamundi, a Belgian company specializing in the production and sale of quality playing cards, was the exclusive supplier of playing cards and poker chips used in Casino Royale. Cartamundi was commissioned by EON Productions to design and produce the casino chips and cards for the Bond film, in collaboration with art director Simon Lamont, and ours were acquired from the prop masters on the Casino Royale sound stage in 2006. These are not reproductions, they are two of the actual props.

For three key scenes in Casino Royale, including the final poker tournament scene at the casino in Montenegro, Cartamundi produced three different card decks and chips, manufactured in their Turnhout factory near Antwerp. Cartamundi worked in close collaboration with the producer’s design department to decide on the look and style of these decks and chips, so that they would fit in with the overall style of the movie as a whole. For the other scenes involving playing cards and chips, Cartamundi supplied several sets from its existing collection.

This screen-used prop card, a Nine of Hearts, measures the same as a standard playing card (approximately 3.5″ x 2.5″); the black/red $100,000 chip measures approximately 1.5″ diameter. Each of these screen-used props is mounted inside an acid-free Plexiglas case on prop metal movie reels attached to the frame atop a piece of green card table felt. Each of the cases can easily be opened if you wish without damage to the props, allowing view of both front and backs.

Also included in this lot are an original filming Call Sheet and other materials that were only given out cast and crewmembers working on the set or on location of Casino Royale. This is not a copy, but an actual original Call Sheet obtained from a crew member working on the film, for shooting dated March 1, 2006 in the Bahamas; it includes details on where they’re shooting, what scenes they’re filming, times and locations, phone numbers of the crew, what props and costumes were needed for the scenes, and other relevant details for the day. This entire lot of authentic Casino Royale film items is truly any Bond collector’s dream.


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