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Peter Sellers TLS Aboard Queen Elizabeth - 1967

A wonderful Typed Letter Signed by Peter Sellers, reflecting wry humor likely being seasick while sailing aboard the historic R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth in 1967, just one year before the grand old ship was retired by Cunard Line. While it remains a mystery who the recipient “Anne Edwards” was, it’s possible she was related to Blake Edwards, director of The Pink Panther films and a collaborator with Sellers on several other movies. On colorful, vintage QE shipboard stationery, the letter reads in full:

April 23rd  [1967]

Dear Anne Edwards,

I’m a sick old man of ninety. All I ask is that you are kind to me. I shall fly next time.

Peter Sellers

PS.  My address in USA is c/o The Bel Air Hotel, L.A.

Obviously he only felt 90, since he died at age 55. The letter is beautifully framed in black lacquer with individually filleted windows, featuring two classic images of Sellers, as Inspector Clouseau (The Pink Panther) and Chance the Gardner (Being There).

PETER SELLERS (1925-1980) was an Academy Award-nominated British comedian and actor best known for his roles in Dr. Strangelove, as Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther film series, as Clare Quilty in the original 1962 screen version of Lolita, in comedy films such as The Millionairess and The Party, and as the guileless man-child Chance in his penultimate film, Being There.