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Carl Sandburg

Typed Letter Signed to Mississippi College Linguist - 1927

Cordial typed letter signed by American poet Carl Sandburg, on letterhead for Chicago Daily News dated September 8, 1927, with holograph postscript at the end. Addressed to Elmer L. Ford, professor of Modern Languages at Mississippi College, Sandburg writes:

Dear Mr. Ford:

I was surprised to receive your thesis. Also I was pleased on turning so formidable a book over to my wife, who reads French, to learn that you had done so extended, thorough and sympathetic a work. You were not merely kind with me. You were understanding in a large way of human forces and human gleams that I have only fumblingly caught. I am glad we have become acquainted and that some time our paths may cross and we can have coffee and a good talk together.

Faithfully yours,

/s/ Carl Sandburg

[Handwritten postscript]
P.S. I want a dozen of your Etude, autographed by you, for some friends and daughters. Enclosed is a check for $10.00; please send me what I may have for that amount. This is not a business postscript because it’s too sentimental. I shall try to find for you a copy of Léon Bazalgette’s rendition in French of my Rootabaga Stories.

Published in 1922, Rootabaga Stories is a children’s book of interrelated short stories by Carl Sandburg. The whimsical, sometimes melancholy stories, which often use nonsense language, were originally created for Sandburg’s daughters.