Umberto II

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Umberto II

Umberto II Signed Photo - 1949

Inscribed and signed photo of Umberto and a young boy, most likely his son, Vittorio Emmanuel IV, Prince of Naples, who was 12 at the time. Inscribed “A [the Italian word for “To”] Kennet E. Crouch 1949, Umberto.”

UMBERTO II (1904-1983) the last King of Italy, was born the Prince of Piedmont. He was the third child of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and Elena Petrovich of Montenegro. He served as the last King of Italy for slightly over a month, from May 9, 1946 to June 12, 1946. He renounced the title of King of Albania, which was held by his father after Italy’s invasion of the country and personally asked King Zog I for forgiveness for taking his throne.

By the King Umberto inherited the throne, the monarchy, through its association with Mussolini and fascism, had been fatally undermined. The 980-year reign of the Savoyards in various duchies and kingdoms, first in Northern Italy, then over the whole peninsula, had come to an end. King Umberto lived for 37 years in exile, in Cascais in Portugal, a popular old gentleman, nicknamed “Europe’s grandfather”, at many of Europe’s royal weddings.

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