George Periolat

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George Periolat

Vintage Carte de Visite Signed - 1897

Vintage Carte de Visite photograph signed and dedicated to an unknown person. Periolat inscribes a whimsical and mysterious verse of the back, with various embellishments:

This is as I am.
Geo. E. Periolat is who I am.
Chicago Ill is where I am.
You know what I am.

Sincerely —

GEORGE PERIOLAT (1874-1940) began his career as a Broadway actor. Making his film debut with the Essanay Studios in Chicago, he moved to Hollywood in 1911 and starred in over 170 films throughout his career. He was a very versatile actor, often playing multiple roles in a single production, as when he played two leading characters, the count and the crook, in the 1916 production of The Counterfeit Earl. The story of Norma Desmond, though fictitious, is not far removed from the plight of many silent film stars, and the advent of the sound film brought about a swift end to Periolat’s career. He made his last appearance in 1932’s What Price Hollywood?. On February 20, 1940, he committed suicide by ingesting arsenic in his Hollywood mansion.


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