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Guillermo del Toro - Guillermo del Toro Signed Limited Edition “The Strain”

A lavish, deluxe limited edition of the widely praised vampires vs. humanity trilogy, The Strain, this sumptuous first volume is signed by authors Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, as...

Chuck Hogan - Double Signed First Edition of “The Strain”

THE STRAIN: First edition, First Printing; signed by both authors GUILLERMO DEL TORO and CHUCK HOGAN with a silver sharpie directly on the red first free end page, not inscribed;...

Guillermo del Toro - Guillermo del Toro Signed First Edition “The Fall”

Book Two of The Strain Trilogy, The Fall, signed by Guillermo del Toro along with a hand-drawn caricature of himself. First edition, first printing in As New condition. The vampiric...

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